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Entkalkunsmittel Descaline

for the sake of
the environment

Descaline is a highly efficient descaler made of renewable and natural resources.

Descaline is currently (status 2017) the sole descaler, which bears no “corrosive” or “health hazard” mark, because it contains nontoxic, but highly efficient food components.

According to GHS classification system Descaline is classified as nonhazardous and


hence needs no pictogramm, neither


Descaline is 100% biodegradable and absolutely free from water endangering substances as e.g. sulfamic acid, which is classified by ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) as “aquatic chronic 3” meaning “harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects” (H412).

for the sake of

your machine

Descaline removes scale efficiently from your coffee machine, tea machine and kettle of all brands.

Descaline frees your machine efficiently from scale and can dissolve scale up to 22g.

Descaline treats your machine with care and is mild to gaskets, plastic and metal parts.

Descaline is free from citric acid, which forms during the descaling process calcium citrate and could re-block your machine.

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